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          Financial Advertising

          What is Financial Content?

          Financial Content is driven to coral the best financial bloggers, writers, and vloggers to enhance the content and presence of MONEY Canada Limited's many financial related websites, magazines, and advertising vehicles. We are seeking those with experience who can provide the highest quality content on a range of financial subjects. If you are a financial writer who wishes to mark your mark with an ever growing Canadian financial publisher, please contact us.


          MONEY Canada Limited

          MONEY? is a registered trademark of MONEY Canada Limited.

          MONEY? Advertising


          Financial Content

          Canadian Financial Content is important along with the quick Internet powered dissemination makes our services important, unique and useable for the average Canadian. Financial Content is confident that along with quality google recognized news sites like money.ca and mutualfund.ca are not only superblogs that are highly recognized they are constant for investor behaviour and advisor centric. We get the news, we create the news we monitor it to get best the results for a truly efficient online investment marketplace feel. All the data both stock and invesment including mutual funds and mutual fund data. The tools, idea and ideology are and ideal way of attracting and maintaing all the right target markets to maintain the network and social media platform. Financial Content + Financial Advertising = MONEY.CA We make money by doing the right thing at the right time our focus is on Canadian Financial Literacy and we will use our strenghth and wisdom as a media organization to continue the plight of 'knowledge is power' and 'poverty sucks'.

          Dear financial author, writer, blogger, vlogger and reporters. MONEY.CA online and MONEY Magazine are looking to create something important in a special time of need, with poverty in Canada at an all time high and financial literacy at possibly the lowest level with the influx of new Canadian immigrants along with youth and students also knowing very little about money and personal financial management. Money Canada Limited's main goal is to encourage and propel financial literacy at all levels of participation including governments, agencies, industry, companies and inter-me diaries.

          MONEY at the same time as being a niche เว็บบอลแจกเครดิตฟรี 100 firm and media company we have grown the ability and trust with financial consumers, trusted advisors and thousands of top Canadian financial companies and businesses. Companies that need to continually advertise to keep their customers and grow their market share have recognized our unique abilities to attract and retain all the right target markets for all the right reasons. MONEY.CA is at the right place and at the right time and gives perspective on personal finance with clear information and expose on world events and economics that affect the local pocket book. At this juncture MONEY and it vertical growth ability extends itself as one of the most important social media platforms that has always had to exist in one form or another. Social Media is simply word of mouth and with the Internet it travels faster and further. Financial Companies need to understand and embrace the way to their customers on any level where customers or potential clients gather and perhaps our online investment marketplace is one such place that attracts and retains, informs and explains.

          We ask you the wise, intelligent, intellectual and experienced financial writers, authors and bloggers to join forces in the fight against poverty in Canada and the world.

          This is your chance to help build and create a refined repository of personal financial information written in plain and simple language a library with proper categorization for input and search. One must be able to read and then they may be able to read in financial terms and numbers; material for the average Canadian whilst allowing them to still review, research and ask questions talking to all levels encourages reaching minimum to maximum knowledge base standards over time. Everyone wants to grow Canada as a great and reputable nation that is both politically and economically stable. The citizens, companies and governments all have a stake in creating a country with a high sustainable standard of living.

          Imaging a place where the top Canadian Financial Bloggers in Canada could submit some or all of there best content that resembles any type of relevant information in the world of finance. World-renowned media companies and others have acknowledged, recognized and rewarded MONEY with media access and other benefits to manage and maintain our agenda of increasing our core financial advertising business and using our prowess and ability to pay "The Social Currency" that gives back interest to all stakeholders in a natural and meaningful ways.

          MONEY is constantly looking for quality publishable content for the MONEY Magazine a full 4 color process publishes quarterly and distributed by subscription and available online at money.ca and retail chains Chapters and Indigo and other fine stores.

          MONEY wants you to be on our electronic blogroll is a regular author or guest or courtesy writer. Having access to the best of the best blogging as a channel helps us develop that inter-mediate financial content that has a professional blogger perspective and outlook. MONEY wants to run this secondary resource on information through our sites and vast online networks for full dissemination.

          MONEY has the need to produce top quality articles, news and information for MONEY Magazine and this helps us get to the best and most relevant print quality news designed for our paying subscribers, readers and online members.

          MONEY promises to pay 100.00 for any article used in it print version of magazine, and any such article may be treated for professional editing, illustration, custom image or quality paid photo attachment. Minimum 400-500 words finance and money related.

          Prefer – organized and commissioned work for some regular well-known writers.

          MONEY will make and give priority and favor to such contribution by giving information maximum exposure for self branding – website branding and author self-promotion of ideas, concepts or books. MONEY will send out 25 copies of Money Magazine to chosen authors for their selected contributions.



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          ME and MY MONEY? Blog - Recent Posts



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